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6 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories While Showering

Bath Essentials: Best Shower Accessories -

Our bathrooms are the most multi-purpose rooms in our houses, we host one-man concerts in there, rehearse arguments, hold imaginary conversations and think up the very best ideas. And yes, we shower in there too sometimes. So why not spice up your bath time routine by throwing these 6 vital accessories into the fray. We promise once you’ve tried them, you won’t be able to live without them. 

  • Bath Salts
  • If you have the luxury of having access to a bathtub then bath salts are the way to go. Many different bath salts are available in beauty stores, one of the more popular ones being Himalayan Bath Salts. They easily dissolve in warm bath water and are said to have a myriad of healing properties. They help with everything from stress headaches to muscle pain, skin conditions to anxiety and circulation problems. Get the cure-all for all your ailments in just one healing bathing experience.

  • Scented Candles:
  • Self-care is taking a hot shower at night with scented candles lighting up the bathroom. Your showering experience will be elevated up a notch with the addition of a good scented candle. They are easily available, not too expensive and come in many different scents. The addition of a scented candle can transform any otherwise normal setting into a dreamy experience. Pro’s, it’ll leave you feeling super cosy, con’s - none. 

  • A Scalp Massager:
  • Well, it’s just what it sounds like, a massager for your scalp to make all your worries melt away. There is nothing more soothing than a gentle scalp massage, and now you can get that experience right in your shower. There are a lot of different scalp massagers available, including ones that dispense shampoo directly to your roots as you shower. This is the perfect addition to your shower routine to make hair washes less tiresome.

  • A Loofah: 
  • Loofahs are an essential part of any shower routine. They are used to scrub dirt and dead skin cells off your body. Natural loofahs are made from gourds, but there are a lot of different types of loofahs made either from other natural materials like coconuts or from synthetic material. These are meant to be washed after every use and kept dry when not in use to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. They’re great for cleaning and exfoliating your skin to make it soft and smooth.

  • Facial Foam:
  • Facial foam is a milder form of face wash and facial cleanser. It performs the same function, cleaning your face and washing dirt away, but in a much more fun way. It’s in the form of a delightfully thick and fluffy foam that you can spray onto your face. It dissolves impurities and excess oils without drying the skin out. It nourishes the skin and enhances its moisture level. It is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is gentle on the skin, so you can use it without any worries.

  • A Pumice Stone:
  • A pumice stone is an abrasive stone used to remove dead skin from the underside of your foot. Our skin goes through the cycle of shedding skin cells very regularly and it’s important to get rid of the old dead skin and allow the newer layer to breathe. A pumice stone can be gently rubbed on the skin to get rid of layers of dead skin cells. Be careful not to get too aggressive with it as it can damage the skin if used incorrectly. 

    So there you have it. That’s all you need to transform your shower into a spa. If you’re looking for a body wash for your skin type, you can read on to -  The Ultimate Shower Gel Buying Guide.

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