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6 Steps To A DIY Manicure and Pedicure at Home

DIY Manicure & Pedicure At Home, featured -

The pandemic taught us to be self-sufficient and how! From cooking fancy meals at home and cleaning like a pro, to being our very own parlour aunties, we did it all. Whether you were a fan of this life or not, it was a great teaching lesson for many. We held on to our sanity by keeping ourselves busy and occupied in all sorts of activities. And one of the best ways of securing our mental health throughout it all was self-care. Right from elaborate skincare regimes to fancy nail art sessions.

Now, we don’t know if you indulged in a DIY mani-pedi at home during this period, but believe us when we say this, we are fans. Let’s accept it, even with salons opening up, getting fresh nails every week is just not viable, considering the cost and time that goes into it. A mani-pedi at home saves you both time, and money, while being perfectly therapeutic. So, if you are low-key obsessed with flaunting clean and polished fingers & toes, we’ve got you covered with this simple at-home mani-pedi tutorial!

  • Prep your nails for the mani & pedi 
  • It’s time to fix that chipped polish and bid adieu to the remnants of your last mani-pedi. Grab a cotton pad and soak it in an acetone-free polish remover. Carefully swipe the polish off each nail. Next, gently cleanse your hands and feet using a good body wash, such as Hygienix Total Protech Body Wash. It will help get your skin prepped and ready for the next step. 

  • Soak your hands & feet
  • Before you soak your hands and feet, make sure you keep your phone away, light a scented candle and of course, get yourself a glass of wine. The trick is to make this a complete spa experience. Next, take a bowl, fill it up with warm water and add some bath salts or a few drops of your favourite shower gel. Then dip your hands and feet in the water, to soften up your cuticles and any tough skin. Continue doing this for at least 15-20 minutes. 

  • Get rid of any dead skin/calluses
  • This is one of the most satisfying steps in the routine. After patting your feet and hands dry, grab a pumice stone for your feet, and gently remove all the dead skin and calluses. Be sure to really focus on your heels and any other hard areas. 

  • Trim & file your nails
  • Once your feet are smooth, it’s time to shape your nails. You can either go for an oval shape or a square shape. If your nails are too long, make sure to trim them with a nail cutter and finally file them to give them the desired shape and get your edges perfect. 

  • Grab some cuticle oil
  • Cuticles protect your nails from bacteria, and you must show extra care and love towards them by using a cuticle oil. It will make a major difference in the shine, health, and overall strength of your nails. Apply a scented hand and foot lotion as well to ensure all the hydration stays packed in your skin and your mani-pedi gets the perfect finish.

  • Paint your nails with your favourite polish 
  • There are two steps to painting your nails, the base coat and the top coat. A base coat acts as a barrier between the natural oils that come from your nails and your actual polish. So remember to start with a clear base coat. This also prevents your nails from getting discoloured by the top coat. Next up, pick a hue you like and get painting!

    We’re sure you’ll find this process super relaxing, making it the perfect weekend activity for your at-home spa day. After all, nothing really beats the comfort of your own home!

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