Bar Soap vs Body Wash - Which Is Better?

Difference Between Soap & Body Wash, featured -

Nothing feels better than hitting the shower in the morning or at the end of a productive day. It is a fact that showers truly uplifts your mood. Whatever time you decide to take a shower, a body cleanser is a must! However, if you often feel torn between using bar soap and body wash, its time to make the right choice. Both are used as body cleansers but bar soap has been around for generations and it's an age-old tradition. While a body wash, on the other hand, has paved its way in by raising the skincare bar. So which one would you go for? 

Keep on reading to find out which body cleanser to opt for bar soap or a body wash, by keeping the key factors in mind.

  • A cleanser should help you keep your body hydrated 
  • How does your skin feel after a shower is a question you should ask yourself. Often using bar soaps on your body causes dry skin and dull skin. It leaves your skin cleansed but dry on the other hand, a body wash that comes in a liquid or gel-like consistency leaves your skin feeling hydrated. While the body wash also primarily helps in cleansing your skin, it has essential ingredients that make the body wash more efficient. If you are looking for a hydrating cleanser, you should definitely get your hands on the Santoor Hydrating Skin, which is made with the goodness of virgin coconut oil and Himalayan moringa. 

  • Using a hygienic cleanser is the key to beautiful skin.
  • It is no secret that soaps are used with your hands and often one uses them on different parts of your body. As a bar soap is directly applied to the skin and is often kept in the open air the chances of the bacteria getting transferred are high. On the other hand, a shower gel or a body wash comes in a squeezy sealed bottle which you have to pour out on a scrub or a loofah. Which makes it super hygienic and the entire family can use it as well. Hence there are no chances of any germs getting transferred. To use the shower gel correctly, all you need to do is, squeeze some of the body wash on a soft loofah and wash your skin thoroughly. This makes sure the dirt settled deep inside the pores is removed and you are left with beautiful skin.

  • Super convenient to use
  • You take out a bar soap, add some water to it and apply it all over your body. Sounds pretty convenient, right? But there are chances that this bar soap might slip away in the shower. This is a pretty common thing that one can experience while taking a shower. Whereas if you are using a body wash, you don’t have to worry about the soap slipping away. It is important to give your me-time the best of experiences ever. A body wash just makes your life easier and leaves behind a subtle yet refreshing fragrance that lasts longer on your skin as well as the shower gel bottle. 

  • Maintains the pH level in your skin 
  • Did you know that your skin has a pH level between 3-5? Potential Hydrogen (pH) refers to the acidity level in your skin. And it is extremely important to maintain your skins pH level for a healthy skin. If the pH level is high in the product that you use, you can end up with dry and dehydrated skin. The pH level in a body wash is closer to your skin compared to bar soap. This makes body wash your ideal shower skin care partner for beautiful skin. You can opt for Santoor Hydrating Skin Body Wash that has a balanced pH level which gives you a hydrated feel and skin post-shower. 

    You can check out different shower gels as per your skin concerns on the website. 

    Are you still torn between bar soap and a body wash? It is about time to make a hygienic switch to a body wash that is also convenient and have several skin benefits. You can get your hands on some of the finest shower gels at BetterBath.in.