About Us

Your skin always needs a little bit more than
just a regular shower.

It’s about unwinding yourself and enjoying the bathing ritual to get your dose of refreshment after every wash. The Better Bath is India’s first curated store featuring an array of shower gels to enrich your bathing experience. Using ingredients and fragrances backed by extensive research, each body wash caters to preferences that suit your mood.

You can choose from a variety of body wash variants that nourish your skin, help you refresh and recharge, pamper your body, mind, and soul and remove dirt, oils, and bacteria. There’s something for everyone here. Our brands include Santoor, Enchanteur, Yardley, Aramusk, Hygienix, and Chandrika that offer different benefits for your skin’s needs.

Enjoy the new way of bathing as you #SwitchToShowerGels.

Brands Overview