Ultimate Shower Gel Buying Guide

How To Choose Best Shower Gel For Skin -

Are you someone who likes to draw an elaborate bath? Your shower time is valuable as it gives your body and mind a slight breather from the chores. Showers are a place where you escape from reality and rejuvenate your mind and skin. No matter which experience you prefer, one cannot enjoy a cathartic experience while showering without shower gels. 

Shower gels are the most used grooming product, so it is crucial to pick the right one. You may notice new kinds of shower gels pursuing you through ads on the internet but don't get swayed with their ingredients. So whether you are thinking of making a switch from your old shower gel or you want to go on an online shopping spree, we bring you an ultimate shower gel buying guide that will suit your skin type and mood. To make this guide easy for you, we have segregated shower gels based on skin type. So simply choose your skin type and be ready to transform your bathing experience!

1. Normal to Combination Skin


If your skin type falls under this category, this means you have a balanced skin type. Your skin is neither too oily nor too dry. It may be confusing at certain times if you have normal to combination skin. Try Santoor Blushing Skin Body Wash, as it has Indian wild rose and Himalayan honey as its primary ingredients. The combination of Indian wild rose will leave your skin supple when it feels dry and Himalayan honey will cleanse the excess oil. Opt for this shower gel for supple and adequately hydrated skin. A few similar options are Enchanteur Romantic Shower Gel [rose & jasmine] and Yardley Women London English Rose Body Wash.

2. Dry Skin

In such a scenario, your skin cannot retain water, so it feels dry and tight most of the time. To maintain the water barrier of your skin, you need a hydrating and smooth formulation that will glide through your skin without disturbing the skin barrier. Opt for Yardley London English Lavender Moisturising Shower Crème (Body wash). It is a perfect shower gel for your dry skin as it contains shea butter - to hydrate your skin thoroughly. Whereas lavender will pamper your skin with its aroma and leave you fragrant all day long. Also, check out Santoor Hydrating Skin [Virgin Coconut Oil & Himalayan Moringa] and Hygienix Cool Protect Body Wash for dry skin types. 

3. Oily Skin

Nobody likes the sticky and oily feeling that lingers on your skin even after taking a bath. So it would be best to pick a unique cleanser that will cleanse the excess amounts of oil from your skin for oily skin. The way forward here is to choose a shower gel with refreshing ingredients. To help your oily skin woes, try Santoor Refreshing Skin Body Wash. It has citrusy orange peel extracts that will energise your skin cells and wash away the excess oil. However, with oily skin comes dullness, so to help you with that, this body wash also has Neroli oil to leave your skin with a youthful glow. You can quickly glance at other options for oily skin types: Aramusk Men White Charcoal Body Wash or try Chandrika Avocado Body Wash for ayurvedic goodness. 

4. Dull Skin

If your skin lacks lustre or feels bumpy, then you have a dull skin type. This skin type can often be confused with oily skin as both feel dull after a point. You need to pick shower gels that restore glow and heal your skin with a dull skin type. Enchanteur Charming Shower Gel has exfoliating properties that will remove dead skin gently. The silk proteins will hydrate and give your skin a smooth and cleansed look. Give shower gels like Chandrika Aloe Vera Body Wash and Santoor Glowing Skin [Pure & Natural Red Sandalwood Oil & Turmerone] a try and say goodbye to dull skin. 

We are sure you will find your perfect shower gel that will cater to your skin type. To further elevate your bathing experience, check out the Bath Accessories That You Need In Your Shower