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Good Shower Routine Tips -

Shower time is your personal time away from all the hustle. Away from work, away from any stress, it’s the time you owe to nobody but yourself. Whether it is an invigorating morning shower that energizes you for the day ahead or a long soak that helps you unwind after a tiring day at work, showering means much more than just a wash, rinse and step out. To ensure you get all the benefits of a good shower, you must indulge in a few pre-shower steps that will lift the whole experience to a new level.  Step 1: Brush your...

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How To Apply Body Wash -

The all humble shower. Definitely one of the most basic parts of our routine, but an important part nonetheless. Nothing can get you awake faster than a brisk shower in the morning. Most of us don’t even think twice while going through our shower routine. Except, maybe it’s time to start thinking... Although our shower products do come with printed instructions on the label, let’s be honest, nobody reads those. After all, you just have to lather, rinse off, and you’re done. There isn’t much more to it, right?  ..Except, there really is. Which is why we’re here to tell...

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How To Choose Best Shower Gel For Skin -

Are you someone who likes to draw an elaborate bath? Your shower time is valuable as it gives your body and mind a slight breather from the chores. Showers are a place where you escape from reality and rejuvenate your mind and skin. No matter which experience you prefer, one cannot enjoy a cathartic experience while showering without shower gels.  Shower gels are the most used grooming product, so it is crucial to pick the right one. You may notice new kinds of shower gels pursuing you through ads on the internet but don't get swayed with their ingredients. So...

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Difference Between Soap & Body Wash, featured -

Nothing feels better than hitting the shower in the morning or at the end of a productive day. It is a fact that showers truly uplifts your mood. Whatever time you decide to take a shower, a body cleanser is a must! However, if you often feel torn between using bar soap and body wash, its time to make the right choice. Both are used as body cleansers but bar soap has been around for generations and it's an age-old tradition. While a body wash, on the other hand, has paved its way in by raising the skincare bar. So...

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