Body Wash Facts That You Never Knew

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The all humble shower. Definitely one of the most basic parts of our routine, but an important part nonetheless. Nothing can get you awake faster than a brisk shower in the morning. Most of us don’t even think twice while going through our shower routine. Except, maybe it’s time to start thinking...

Although our shower products do come with printed instructions on the label, let’s be honest, nobody reads those. After all, you just have to lather, rinse off, and you’re done. There isn’t much more to it, right? 

..Except, there really is. Which is why we’re here to tell you about all the nuances of shower gels that you never knew about.

First things first, if you’re thinking, “Well I don’t need this article, because I use bar soap,” then that’s where you’re wrong. Using bar soap over shower gels is the first shower mistake that you’re making. Shower gels are a much more convenient and hygienic option when compared to bar soaps. And hey, once you #SwitchtoShowerGels, you won’t ever have to see strands of hair caked onto the soap from the last person who used it. Still not convinced? We’ll let our article on Bar soaps vs Body Wash do the talking.

Now that we have that out of the way, we’ve got one important question for you. Do you use shower gel before or after your shampoo? We’ll give you a minute to think.

If your answer is, “does it matter..?” then BUZZZ you’re wrong again. You should always wash your hair first, before washing your body. This is because as you rinse your hair, the shampoo runs down your back and all those soapy chemicals will linger unless they are washed off carefully. Shampoo runoff can also cause blocked pores, leading to pesky back acne. So take our advice, shampoo first, shower gel after!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should choose your shower gel carefully instead of just grabbing the first one you see off the rack. Which shower gel you use should depend on your skin type and what your skin goals are. You can check out our blog on How To Identify Your Body's Skin Type to find the right kind of body wash that’s suitable for your skin.

The next rule of using shower gels is that you should not be using them as a substitute for shaving cream. We’re all guilty of doing this at some point, but using shower gel when you’re shaving actually makes it more likely that you hurt yourself. This is because of the slippery way in which it coats your body. While they are great for deep cleansing and hydration, there are other alternatives that you should look for while shaving. Such as hair conditioner, body cream or aloe vera gel.

And while we’re on the topic, shower gel does not double as face wash either. Unless of course, you’re using Yardley London Gentleman Urbane, Activated Charcoal Face and Body wash for Men. The special formula of this body wash also doubles as a face wash. It is enriched with activated charcoal for intense cleaning and its woody fragrance will keep you feeling fresh all day long!

Now here’s a rule that most of us know, but don’t always follow, lathering your body wash using a loofah. A good loofah can help you to properly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This is especially useful for people with sweaty skin. Using a back scrub is also recommended for properly scrubbing those hard-to-reach spots. Remember, exfoliation is not meant to be a daily activity, exfoliating thrice a week is enough for healthy, glowing skin!


So there you go. Now that you’ve joined the ranks of veteran shower-ers, remember to use all this new-found knowledge next time you’re in the shower!


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