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Moisturizing Shower Gels for Every Skin Type

Moisturizing Shower Gel -

Craving for that silky smooth skin? The struggle of finding the perfect match for your skin type can be a daunting task. Each skin type has different requirements to get hydrating and glowing skin. The perfect shower gel not only nourishes your skin but also pampers it. An ideal bath set-up and a shower gel made for your skin type is a match made in heaven. Nobody can take away the me-time of your day to treat your mind, body, and spirit all at once. Create a spa-like experience at the comfort of your home with a mood-boosting shower gel that is super gentle on your skin. 

Compared to soap bars that dry your skin out, body washes often contain essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin. So, why not say yes to the skin-loving shower gels? Shine through every moment of your day with an addictive shower gel that radiates your skin and gives you the perfect after effects. Pick the right shower gel as per your skin type and you will end up with beautiful, hydrating and soothing skin. 

Keep reading to know about the gentlest shower gels and grab your loofah to indulge away in some me-time. 

  1. Santoor Hydrating Skin [Virgin Coconut Oil & Himalayan Moringa]for Dry skin

A perfect shower partner for your dry skin, this Hydrating Skin shower gel is made with the goodness of coconut oil and moringa extracts. The hydrating and soothing properties of these ingredients help in moisturizing your skin and leave you with skin that’s soft and supple. The fresh tones of coconut and moringa takes you to a tropical paradise in the shower. 

  1. Enchanteur Charming Shower Gel [citrus extract with rose fragrance] for Combination skin

Struggling with the right shower gel match for your combination skin? The Enchanter shower gel offers a rich and luxurious shower gel with a creamy formulation that gently cleanses your skin. This Enchanteur Charming Shower Gel is enriched with the perfumed goodness of Bulgarian roses that ensure a rosy start to your day. The silk proteins in this shower gel hydrate your skin while cleansing it and give you super smooth skin. 

  1. The Santoor Blushing Skin [Indian Wild Rose & Himalayan Honey] for Oily skin

Nobody loves oily skin and the constant stickiness that comes with it. If you have oily skin, opt for shower gels that exfoliate the skin and take away the excess oil. The Santoor Blushing Skin is made with the choicest handpicked Indian roses and Himalayan honey. Talk about smelling like a wild rose? This shower gel is blended with firming rose essence and hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and fragranced all day. Opt for this shower gel that takes away the oiliness from your skin and leaves behind fresh, hydrated and beautiful skin. 

  1. Yardley Women London English Rose for Sensitive skin

Infused with the flower power of natural flower extracts the Yardley Women London in the variant English Rose is your perfect shower partner for sensitive skin. It is enriched with active floral cells that give you beautifully soft and glowing skin. The English Rose shower crème truly replicates the timeless fragrance of roses.  Blended with firming rose essence and nourishing shea butter, the rich, creamy lather hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and fragranced all day. Made with the finest ingredients, this shower gel is super gentle and leaves your skin hydrated and nourished. 

Did you find your perfect match? Wash away all your worries with these hydrating shower gels that’ll give you life.


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