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A Skincare Guide To Prevent Ageing

Anti Aging Tips & Skin Care Guide -

As your 20s usher in, it becomes difficult to stop the clock on ageing. From small lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead to flaky, wrinkly skin, it becomes essential to slow down the process to retain your youth for a long period of time. If you don’t have a skincare routine in place, it’s time to incorporate one and reverse the signs of ageing.

Creating small changes to your lifestyle and diet also play a great role in keeping your skin healthy. Balance that out with a simple skincare routine that remains true to you throughout the years.

1. Cleanse Regularly

The first step to ensuring healthy skin is by maintaining its cleanliness. Whether you like to draw a pampering bathing experience or enjoy unwinding after a long day, your body wash should be able to cleanse dirt and bacteria from your skin. Try the Hygienix Fresh Protect Body Wash that kills 99.99% disease-causing bacteria without compromising on the softness of your skin.

It is enriched with lemon extracts that leave a lasting fragrance with every wash. This body wash is also free from 10 unwanted chemicals like silicone, parabens and more, keeping your skin dry and smooth. It deeply cleanses the skin helping you protect it while making it clear and healthy.

Additionally, if your skin goals include indulging in a sensorial bathing experience, you can try the Santoor Refreshing Skin Body Wash infused with tangy orange oil and fresh neroli extracts. It has essential anti-microbial properties that cleanses the skin from within. Together, these ingredients help delay premature ageing and prevent skin from becoming too dry or flaky. 

Give you skin a healthy, refreshed look by cleansing with these body washes regularly.

2.Exfoliate Once A Week

As you age, your skin loses its capacity to replenish itself more often. This leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells that do not get washed off easily. They can make your skin look dull and uneven and hence it is important to exfoliate your body at least once a week.

Exfoliation ensures the removal of dirt, grime and dead cells right from the dermis of the skin. You can try pouring your favourite shower gel onto a sponge gourd loofah to cleanse your body thoroughly. This unique showering accessory is made from the ripened and fibrous version of a ridge gourd. Its natural fibres exfoliate and open the pores of your skin to reveal a smoother and fresher appearance.

Use it to rejuvenate the health of your skin with an influx of antioxidants, minerals, and lipids.

3. Be Gentle To Your Skin

After taking a shower, it is important to dry your skin immediately. However, don’t just rush and go. Gently pat dry your skin to ensure that it remains soft and supple. If you try roughly scrubbing it instead, it can eventually make your skin prone to dryness.

4. Don’t Forget To Moisturise

No matter your skin type, moisturising is an essential part of maintaining a healthy skincare routine. When your skin cannot naturally nourish itself over time, you can help it by adding on your favourite moisturiser to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

This helps to prevent dryness irrespective of the weather and keeps skin soft and smooth. It will help give your skin a natural glow, also sealing in the moisture and ingredients of your shower gel, after a well-deserved bath.

It’s never too late to incorporate a benefitting skincare routine. Start small but ensure to essentially cover all the steps to keep the signs of ageing at bay. Care for your whole body without neglecting any part of your skin.

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