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5 Relaxing Bath Experiences to De-Stress Right at Home

Relaxing Bath Tips -

Juggling between work, family, and living a socially active life? It is time for you to pause, relax and let go. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about relaxing is going to a spa! But since the times are tough, why not bring the spa experience right at home? One of the simple pleasures in life is getting rid of your stress and worries by stepping into the shower. It not only refreshes your body but also refreshes your mind. 

To help you de-stress right at home, we have put together 5 things to do in the shower that will lead you to calming bath time.

1. Set up a hot shower to relax your muscles

Hot water helps in relaxing your muscles. To instantly feel a little relaxed just step into the shower and experience the hot water slowly taking away all the burden of your body. The perfect temperature of the water will break down the stress in your muscles and loosen the tension within.

2. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the bath

Essential oils can turn regular baths into a spa-like experience at home. They also bring a sense of refreshment to your bathroom. Pick your favourite scent and add a few drops into your bath and experience a whole new level of calm.

3.Pick a refreshing shower gel

A great bath depends on what kind of shower gel you use. If you’re setting up a de-stressing bath a refreshing shower gel is a must! Santoor’s Refreshing Skin Body Wash energizes your skin and puts you in a refreshing mood instantly. The citrusy notes of tangy orange and oil and soothing fresh neroli extracts stimulate your skin, preventing it from ageing and reducing flaking. Lather up and let the refreshing scent of the shower gel soothe you away.

4. Add decor pieces to your surroundings

A spa usually has an ambience that is serene, peaceful and calm. You can try recreating that air of magical auras at your home by adding some fake plants and a few decor pieces, this gives a nice look and feel to your bathroom.

5. Light scented candles and put on some tunes

How often do you sing and listen to songs while taking a shower? It’s nice to listen to your favourite music while you are taking a bath. Putting on some soft and soothing music helps you de-stress. The calming tunes play as a melody to your ears and your mind immediately shifts its focus to the music. 

A nice long bath can instantly put you in a better mood. Enjoy this little me-time you’ve set aside for yourself and wash away all the stress with your favourite shower gel. 

Pro tip: Post your shower, make a nice hot cup of chamomile tea and read your favourite book or listen to soothing music. 

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