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Invigorating Shower Routine To Wake You Right Up

Shower Routine Steps -

We’re sure you know how to layer your makeup and blend in a highlighter, but what about showering? You must be convinced that you're an expert in showering, but now is the time for a refresher on the best shower practices. Just like your facial skincare regimen, your shower routine has specific tips and techniques that can make you feel absolutely clean and fresh, and put you on the track to healthy, shining hair and glowing skin. 

So, here are the expert tips that will put a spin on your shower routine for all the right reasons.

Remove makeup beforehand

Make sure you remove facial makeup before stepping under a faucet. Hard scrubbing around your eyes can lead to irritated skin and besides, taking off your makeup ensures deeper cleaning. 

Use a body wash

Always use ph-balanced body wash to restore your skin's natural oils. Focus on your underarms, feet and pelvic region as those are more likely to get dirty. For best results, use Santoor Refreshing Skin Body Wash. It has the magic of Neroli extracts and tangy orange oil that gives you glowing skin and keeps you fresh all day. 

Avoid high water temperature

If you're showering in scalding hot water, then it's the right time to switch to a tepid temperature. Hot water can strip off natural oils from your skin, resulting in dryness and it's the last thing you need during winter. Make sure you always use lukewarm water, which will prevent your skin from drying off. You can follow the same step while washing your face.

Wash your hair first and your face last

Oils from your hair can drip onto your face while showering, but it's not a big deal. However, you don't want to get out of the shower with any shampoo or conditioner left sitting on your skin because it can lead to the breakout of skin cells. Make sure to cleanse your face towards the end of your shower after you've finished with your hair; that way, you'll be able to remove any pore-clogging debris.

Keep showers short

Another tip that can be hard to follow is cutting down your shower time. It doesn't sound easy, but it's the best thing because a long shower time can cause dryness. And who wants dry skin? Not you! Optimal shower time between five to ten minutes and shorter showers are also better for the environment, so it's a win-win for you. Consider making a shower playlist to help keep you on track and aware of the time you spend cleaning your beautiful skin.

Here are some effective shower routine tips:

  1. Tie or comb your hair before showering unless you are using shampoo. It will save you from unwanted tangling and hair fall
  2. Never share bath tools like brush, loofah, and bar soap
  3. Do not leave shampoo or conditioner for more than the required time
  4. Use cold water for hair wash
  5. Apply a moisturizer right after showering

Your shower routine should not be complicated; instead, it should be simple with effective steps. Following a proper routine for your shower will not only keep your skin healthy but will also keep you fresh all day. Along with an appropriate shower routine, all you need are the right products that deal with your skin concerns. 

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