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New Year Skin Care Resolutions For 2022

New Year Skin Care Resolutions -

There’s something very exciting about the start of a new year. New possibilities, new opportunities and new beginnings. It’s a chance to start over and redefine your life. And after the year that we’ve just had, it’s a welcome change. We bet you’ve already scribbled down haphazard lists of resolutions for this year, and we’ve got something for you to add to your list, in the form of skin care resolutions! 

Although the millennium is turning older, your skin doesn’t have to. The way we see it, New Year = new chance to up your skin care game. So add these skin care resolutions to your list for glowing skin in 2022! 

  • Get generous with your moisturizer
  • We’re all guilty of skipping this step in our skin care routine. It can feel like a lot of work sometimes, but it’s an effort that’s worth making. How often you moisturize depends entirely on your skin type, but the general rule is to moisturize twice a day. Once after your shower and once before you sleep. Moisturizing forms the base of every skin care routine. There are a lot of skin issues that you can avoid just by regularly moisturizing, such as dry or dehydrated skin, dullness, roughness and irritation. 

  • Switch to shower gels
  • Still using body soap when you shower? It’s time for a change. Leave the body soaps in 2021 and grab a shower gel from The Better Bath’s extensive range. Not only are shower gels more hygienic compared to bar soap, they are also better for your skin. Shower gels are great for exfoliating and deep moisturizing your skin. They are also easier to use with a loofah. So don’t spend 2022 chasing after slippery bars of soap, make the switch to shower gels for a better bath experience.

  • Stop skipping out on eye cream!
  • All skin care veterans know the importance of having a dedicated under-eye cream. They help minimize dark circles and puffiness, so nobody will know you stayed up all night binge-watching web series. They also work as an anti-ageing cream, smoothing out any fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes. So add an eye cream to your skin care routine for a refreshed look this New Year.

  • Don’t forget to take off your make-up
  • We’ve all been in that state where we are too tired, sleepy or out of it to take our makeup off before we sleep. But 5 minutes of laziness can be detrimental to our skin the next morning. The friction against your face as you sleep rubs the makeup into your skin, causing irritation and skin imperfections. The oiliness from the makeup clogs your pores, leading to pesky acne breakouts. It can also make you look fatigued and tired as your skin doesn’t get a chance to breathe. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with mascara covered pillows the next day.

  • Resolve to be resilient in your resolutions
  • By the time February comes around, most of us have already given up on the high-spirited resolutions we made at the start of the year. Sticking unabashedly to your goals can be hard, but having a proper skin care routine is well worth the trouble. After all, as the years change and life goes on, the people or things in your life might not stick around, but your skin will, because it’s literally stuck to you. So let’s put in the effort to really revolutionize our skin game this year. Even if it’s just for the sense of accomplishment you get when everyone’s asking you about your skin care routine.

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