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Finding Bath with Flowers Overrated? Try These 4 Different Types Of Baths Instead!

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That baths have healing properties is not news to any of us. There’s nothing better than a long soak to make all our worries float away. During the lockdown period especially, a variety of different baths got popular and were trending on the ‘gram, the one which really caught everyone’s attention was floral baths. Not only do these floral baths bring you peace and leave you smelling great, they also helped detoxify the skin. 

Natural flowering herbs along with essential oils and epsom salts was one of the best rituals that were being followed by people worldwide. While the floral bath bug bit many, it also led to the popularity of several other kinds of baths. 

When we got digging deeper into the various types of soaks that were making it big, we realized that floral baths were a wee bit overrated and so we decided to cover a detailed guide on the various other baths that deserve our attention. So, let’s get started!

Mud Bath:

If you’re thinking about the mud baths that children love indulging in every monsoon, nope that’s not it. Mud baths are special therapeutic treatments often offered in spas and resorts. This mud contains certain specific ingredients that are believed to have healing and therapeutic properties. Let’s take a look at what they really are:


All about mud baths:

  • Most mud baths contain a mixture of volcanic ash and hot spring water. Mud baths are heated to 37 degrees celsius, which helps to invigorate circulation. 
  • You will end up sweating while you enjoy a mud bath owing to the high temperatures but that’s a good thing because sweating will help cleanse your pores better. 
  • Mud baths loosen up the muscles and help you relax.


Benefits of a mud bath:

Mud baths contain minerals like zinc, sulphur, magnesium and more. These minerals help nourish the skin and body. Here are a few benefits to look forward to:


  • Helps get rid of impurities from the skin 
  • Exfoliates the skin and remove dead skin cells
  • Relaxes sore muscles and joints
  • Improves skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis


There are many at-home mud bath formulations available in the market now. They can help reduce oiliness, clarify the skin and reduce inflammation. 

Coffee Bath:

Just like we love our daily dose of caffeine and can’t start our day without it, our skin loves it too. If you are wondering what we are talking about, here’s what you must know about coffee baths:

Coffee is known to have many benefits for the skin, some of which include reduction in the appearance of puffy eyes, cellulite reduction, acne treatment and more. There are plenty of spas and resorts that offer you the choice of indulging in a bath full of your own favourite beverage


Benefits of a coffee bath:

  • Caffeine stimulates blood flow and dilates the blood vessels. This helps increase blood flow, which naturally tightens the skin. You can gently dab the water of a coffee bath on closed eyes and relax for it to work its magic. 
  • Coffee also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. you can gently scrub the areas of your skin that have stubborn cellulite. 
  • The stimulants, antioxidants and chlorogenic acids in coffee may make it an effective acne-fighting ingredient. 
  • Coffee is known to be a great exfoliant which is why many scrubs have coffee as the main ingredient. Get rid of dry skin cells as you soak yourself in a relaxing coffee bath. 


For coffee lovers, this is your chance to smell like your favourite beverage all day long!


Wine Bath:

Yes, you heard that right, vinotherapy or bathing in red wine is a thing. A speciality spa treatment, red wine baths do not really make use of red wine in water (please don’t do that). The red wine you drink has alcohol whereas this bath uses red vine leaf extract and post-winemaking grape curd (aka marc). This is added to clean warm water and you can then soak yourself in it. 


Benefits of vinotherapy:

  • The marc and red vine leaf extract are quite high in the organic compound, polyphenol, an excellent antioxidant.
  • The idea is that if you soak yourself in this mixture, your skin will absorb the goodness of these antioxidants. 
  • Once your skin absorbs them, it will look younger and tighter. 


Technically speaking, you are not really bathing in wine, but you are reaping the health, wellness and benefits of all those gorgeous grapes and the sunshine, vitamins and nutrients that Mother Nature imbibed in them during their growth. So, if you want to really pamper your skin, then let it enjoy some great wine!


Sea Salt Bath:

There’s nothing more fun than bathing in the wide expanse of the sea, and we bet you didn’t know that it’s great for your skin too! While we can’t be getting seawater for a luxurious soak, there are many who swear by using sea salts in their nightly bath routines. Sea salt baths are known for their therapeutic and healing properties. Sea salt is the salt residue that stays after seawater evaporates. So, if you plan on adding this simple soak to your weekly ritual, here are a few benefits that you must know about:


  • Natural skin treatment:
  • While the salty water may seem to be uncomfortable to take a dip in but your skin will surely thank you for it. Even sensitive or irritated skin can benefit from a seawater soak. A seawater bath will also help reduce fatigue and stress while physically improving skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


  • Mineral absorption:
  • Soaking in seawater helps the skin absorb all the essential minerals and nutrients present in the water. It is perfectly balanced with the right nutrients to nourish the skin. 


  • Destressing properties:
  • The biggest cause of fatigue is the demineralization of the body caused by stress. Seawater replenishes your body with the right minerals in perfect doses to restore regular cellular functions. Add some essential oils like lavender and chamomile if you want to go a step further in pampering your skin.  


    A good soak or bath of 15-20 minutes has the ability to turn your frown into a smile. The benefits of a good bath are often underrated. We would definitely suggest trying these baths out at your nearest spas and indulging in a luxurious soak. If that isn’t an option, don’t you worry, DIY options are always available.


    Baths are known to elevate your mood and can instantly relieve all your day’s stress. Other than that a good bath can help you sleep better. 


    While these baths are amazing to indulge in once a week, we can’t expect you to have the time for one every week. If you are looking for other alternatives on busy weeks, check out Santoor’s Glowing Skin Body Wash. Packed with natural ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric, this body wash will rejuvenate your body and help revive dullness. It also helps make the skin look younger and healthier. The aromatic experience will leave you feeling absolutely gorgeous and relaxed. This body wash ensures your skin gets the nourishment it needs without compromising on smelling exceptionally good. 


    Self-care is often ignored in our daily hustle but the pandemic has made many of us realize the importance of mental wellness. A good, indulgent bath can help you forget about your worldly affairs and keep you on top of your skin game. So, every once a week remove some time off for yourself. Carry a book, a glass of wine and soak in the goodness of these ingredients just so you come out feeling rejuvenated and your skin looks and feels way healthier. 

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