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Pack the Perfect Travel Kit with These Shower Essentials

Travel Kit With Shower Essentials -

If you don’t form oddly personal bonds with your shower accessories, are you even human?

We are all used to the slightly unsettling feeling that you get when using unfamiliar shower products. Whether you’re staying over at a friend’s place or vacationing with your family, you need your own skin care and wash products by your side. Especially after all the hours you spend finding the perfect bath products that are just right for your skin. Why give that convenience up just because you’re travelling or away from home? 

Come pack the perfect travel kit with us and take your own bag of comfort wherever you go!


Step 1: Bag a shower gel

When you’re on the go, you often don’t have time for longer showers. You need to step in and out quickly so you can get on with your day. Keeping this in mind, your shower gel is probably the most important item you need in your travel bag. Because even when you don’t have the time for exfoliating or a head bath, you still need to cover the basic lathering-up and washing-down routine. Most shower gels are already available in travel-sized packs, so there’s no hassle. We’d recommend adding Yardley London English Rose Moisturising Shower Crème to your kit, its natural floral essence will energize your body and keep your skin smooth and moisturized all day long!

Step 2: Don’t forget the shampoo!

Any shower travel kit is incomplete without a mini shampoo in it. When you’re travelling, look for travel-sized packs of your favourite shampoo that can fit in your bag quite easily. Make sure the packaging is leakproof because you don’t want to be dealing with the hassle of leaky products when you’re on the go!

Step 3: Loofah up

The whole point of a travel kit is to travel light, which means you might not have the space to lug around your body scrub and face scrub too. But don’t you worry, carrying a small loofah brush can take care of that for you. The Better Bath’s Sponge Gourd Loofah is the perfect size to slip easily in your travel bag, its natural fibers will gently exfoliate your skin and open up your pores. Use it along with your favourite body wash for exfoliation on the go!

Step 4: Grab a shower cap

Nobody likes having to deal with wet hair when you’re in a hurry or have somewhere to be. And while skipping a head bath is always an option, the water seems to get all over our hair in the end anyway. Although, that’s an easy problem to fix as long as you use a shower cap. The Better Bath’s reusable shower cap comes with a lovely palm leaf pattern, so you can protect your hair and look cute while you’re doing it!

Step 5: Add a shaving kit

This one’s for men, nobody likes sporting unruly stubble, especially when you’re travelling for work-related engagements. Having a shaving kit on hand will allow you to turn up as your best self every morning. A shaving kit with body razors is a handy carry-on for women as well, if they need it. 

Step 6: Wrap it up with a travel pouch

Of course, you need a cute little travel pouch to put all these things in so you don’t lose track of them. Pick a pouch with organized sections so you can pull out the necessary products without having to get flustered or upend the bag looking for them.


So the next time you’re packing your bags and booking your flights, keep this travel kit checklist in mind!

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