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Men Showering Guide For Better Showers

Men Showering Guide -

Shower time is hands down the most soothing part of our daily routine. It is that time of the day when we detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take some time to unwind. Now, whether you like to end your day with a long, soothing shower, or whether quick morning showers are more your style, one thing that you can’t skip out on is a good shower routine. Many dermatologists suggest that about 90% of men’s grooming routines should and can be completed while showering. We’ll tell you how.

  • Some skincare never hurts: Do this while the water warms up
  • More often than normal, we end up wasting time while waiting for the water to reach the right temperature. Why not make use of your precious time and sneak in some skincare? Slather a good face mask on to remove any impurities, grime, blackheads, or dirt from your pores. It will give you a much deeper cleanse than your face wash and will also help exfoliate your skin.   

  • Uncomplicate your life with a co-wash
  • Heard of a co-wash (conditioning wash)? A co-wash is a shampoo + conditioner that does not rip off your scalp’s essential oils. It is more of a conditioner than a shampoo but still does the work of cleaning your scalp and hair. Get your hands on a co-wash depending on your hair type. It not only helps you save on time but also is more economical than buying 2 hair products. 

  • Let the steam help you shave better
  • Most men shave post-shower as the steam softens their facial hair and the moisture in the bathroom helps prevent irritation. But shaving while in the shower is equally helpful for the exact same reason. The constant steam will help open up pores and soften hair follicles, which makes them easier to cut. Moreover, you can avoid the ordeal of leaning over the sink while trying to clumsily wash off your shaving cream. Just make sure you have a non-fogging mirror to prevent any shaving hazards.

  • A good body wash & loofah are essentials
  • The two basics of a good shower are a great body wash and a good loofah to exfoliate your body. If you are still on the lookout for the perfect body wash then Yardley London’s Gentleman Classic Body Wash will definitely grab your attention. It is formulated with the excellent skin benefits of activated charcoal. With germ-protection properties and a fresh fragrance that lingers all day long, this body wash is your best bet to a squeaky clean shower experience.  

  • Don’t forget your feet
  • Most people often forget to wash their feet, or are simply too lazy to bend down and wash beyond the knees. Your feet deserve a good and gentle scrubbing too, especially after you get back home after a long day. The moisture in the shower is great to soften the hard skin on your feet and a pumice stone can be your biggest accomplice in sanding away calluses or dry patches.

  • An in-shower lotion is your hydration saviour
  • Not many men follow a post-shower routine, so it is best to incorporate everything while you are still in the bathroom. Post a shower, your skin is ripped off its natural oils, especially if you’ve had a hot shower. An in-shower lotion ensures all the moisture is locked in and is specially formulated to be applied on dry skin.

    These simple and effective shower time tips can significantly change the way you feel and look post a shower. They are easy to follow and don’t require too much of your time. So try out these tips the next time you’re in the shower, couple them with these 6 grooming essentials for men and enjoy the perfect pampering experience!

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