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How To Treat Dry Skin In Winter

If you’ve been able to draw white scratches on your skin visible enough to play tic-tac-toe, you’ve experienced dry skin in the winter. And you know it’s not fun. Your skin feels itchy and scratchy all the time, especially if you have naturally dry skin. 

All in all, even though winter is synonymous with cosy and comfortable weather, it’s a brutal season from your skin’s point of view. So, ensuring your skin stays smooth, moisturised, and healthy becomes doubly vital during the cold months. 

And just using body lotions and body butter isn’t going to cut it. Your skin needs more than just the basic necessities. 

So, to help you out, we’ve come up with handy winter skincare tips you can follow for smooth and glowing skin!

No More Dry Skin With These Winter Care Tips!

An important part of your winter skincare routine for dry skin is knowing how to treat it on colder days. So, here are a few tips to give you a push in the right direction:

1.Optimise shower time

Dry skin can flake, crack, and even bleed. This is why following the same skincare routine 365 days a year may not work in your favour. 

One way to have moisture in your skin during winter is to optimise shower time.  It is advised to take shorter showers with warm water rather than hot. Pat your body dry when done rather than wiping to lock the moisture in.

2.Moisturise right after showering

Don’t give your skin even a moment’s notice to let the moisture escape! 

Body lotions work by locking in the existing moisture in your skin. To lock as much as possible, you must apply a moisturiser or lotion within a few minutes of leaving the shower. 

If you have extremely dry skin, re-applying lotion is advised, especially after washing your face or hands.


3.Use a humidifier

Another crucial element that is part of your winter care for dry skin is plugging in a humidifier. This adds moisture to the air and restricts it from evaporating from your skin. 

If you already have a heating system installed in your home, check to see if there is a humidifier on it already. Once you make sure it's in place and working, you’re all set!

4.Choose the right body

Picking the right body wash during the winter is another important step to obtaining silky smooth skin. 

Fun fact: Many body cleansers contain abrasive cleansing chemicals and surfactants that not only leave your skin perfectly clean but also remove all of its natural oils. This is not a good sign for dry skin

Dermatologists recommend using a body wash with natural ingredients and scents if you have dry skin as they’re more sensitive and gentle.

The Right Bodywash For Dry Skin In The Winter

Your skin will receive the care it needs when you use Santoor Hydrating Skin Body Wash!

This body wash, meant for dry skin, gives off a long-lasting aroma while moisturising your skin with nutritious coconut oil. Infused with moringa ingredients, it will leave you with beautiful, healthy skin.

Another good choice is Santoor Refreshing Skin Body Wash. Enriched with natural orange extracts, it gives your skin more elasticity and keeps it from peeling during winters. 

Using the right body wash and moisturising products in the winter should bring your skin the much-needed relief it seeks. However, if things don’t seem to improve, it is advised to visit a dermatologist.

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