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How To Treat Dull Skin For A Fresh Glow

We have all dreamt of smooth, glowing skin that looks radiant all day long only to end up with a pimple just before an important occasion and heavy eye bags that don't seem to fade away. What if you could rectify these problems with a few simple switches? What if we could suggest a few habits and products that would change the dull skin cells on your face for the better?

Well, in case you have been wondering how to treat dull skin, we have a list of remedies that will bring back all charm and leave all signs on your face behind.

Here’s How You Treat Dull Skin-

1.Hydration is key

Most experts will tell you to consume only three things for fresh and glowing skin—water, water and water. Your skin mainly looks dry because of a lack of moisture and hydration, and drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water daily will help you overcome dullness. Not only will your face feel a lot more radiant, but it will also be spotless. You can also rely on hydrating serums and creams for this. Avoid over-consumption of caffeine and sugar for smooth and supple skin because they’re some of the main causes of dry and dull skin.

2.Apply your moisturizer daily

The world is filled with solutions like face masks and multiple serums to bring life to your face. If you don't have time or forget to do these things regularly, applying a moisturiser to your face every day is a non-negotiable. Moisturisers will help you lock the natural oils in your skin, and will retain its lustre. Avoid using overly scented creams and switch to creams that will maintain your skin's moisture levels.

 3.Say hello to shower gels

Leave your soaps behind and add some shower gels to your list of bathing products. Choose from a hint of fresh lemons or smooth vanilla extracts that will soften and brighten your skin in no time. All you need is a loofah or body scrub and you are ready to go! Just squeeze some gel onto your loofah, and enjoy the texture of the foam on the surface of your skin. You can use shower gels for your face and body but avoid using them on your hair.

 4.Sleep should be your best friend

If you have been skipping a few hours of sleep lately, then this is a wake-up call for you. Your body should get at least 8 hours of sleep on average so that your eyebags can leave you for good. Reduce your screen time before bed so that you can have a sound sleep and wake up on time for all your morning shenanigans. If your schedule can afford an afternoon nap, make sure to add it to your cart because sleep is undoubtedly one of the best dull skin treatments.

 5.Save your skin from pollutants

You may be luckier if you belong to a place that's not very polluted, but for all those living in metropolitan areas, pollution isn't a very novel issue. Wear a scarf or a mask if you're out for an entire day to protect your skin from all kinds of pollutants. Carry wet tissues along and wipe off all sweat and grime from your skin from time to time. You can also carry your sunscreen along to keep your skin safe from UV and other harmful rays.

A brighter, radiant skin not only helps you with appearances but also boosts your confidence. The next time you want to feel like a boss, start with your skin and all else will fall in place. Because the truth is, fresh and radiant skin is one trend that's here to stay and with the help of these remedies, you can get rid of dull skin in no time, especially with a moisturising shower gel which is suitable for every skin type.

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