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Sustainable Shower Tips To Conserve Water

Save Water In Shower -

You must have seen a lot of chatter around about climate change and sustainable living over these past few years. With all this talk about sustainability, people are increasingly changing their lifestyle and making healthier choices to lessen their environmental impact. It is these small changes on the individual level that add up to make a bigger difference in saving our planet. 

When it comes to water conservation, we need to take a hard look at how much water we use on a daily basis and how well we use it. It is a harsh reality that the people who have easy access to water are the ones who lay it to waste the most. This comes at the cost of the people living in underdeveloped areas, who face the brunt of water scarcities.

Every day, when you wake up, you have the chance to lessen your environmental footprint of that day by making the right choices throughout your routine. Starting from the very first part of your day, your morning shower. We’ve got some interesting tips for you on how you can make your showers sustainable with a few simple adjustments to your routine:

  • Wind the clock up
  • The obvious first step towards better showers is to take shorter ones. While the hot water can be tempting, you should try to cap your shower routine at 10 minutes maximum. Besides, research shows that staying under the water for too long can dry your skin out by washing away your skin’s natural oils. 10-minute showers can help you achieve the perfect balance between good skin and sustainability, it’s a win-win on both sides.

    Tip- Having a hard time telling the minutes ticking by in the shower? Make a shower playlist that adds up to exactly 10 minutes, when the music stops, you’ll know your times up!

  • Swap your shower products:
  • Every product you use in your shower is leaving behind some kind of environmental footprint. Our aim here is to minimize that footprint as much as possible. So here’s a few options you can look at to do just that:

    • swap your shower head for a low-flow one 
    • buy products with minimum packaging
    • use bamboo toothbrushes
    • reusable shower caps instead of single-use ones
    • refillable containers for shampoo/ hand soap

  • Do it the DIY way:
  • Skin care obsessions are quite real, and while it can be fun to stock up on loads of different skin care products, it also creates a lot of waste. Take a once over on all the shower products that you use. Separate the necessities, such as body wash or shampoo, from the unnecessary items. For example, if you only use hair masks or face packs once every other week, you can DIY them at home instead of buying store brought ones that you’ll barely use.

  • Stay on your toes:
  • Not only is it important to watch how much water you’re using, but you also need to keep a check on how you’re using it. When we take rinse off our bath products in the shower, all that runoff is full of chemicals. Over time, this can lead to a build-up of these chemicals in our water bodies. So always limit your shower products to the essentials that you need to get clean and look for products with organic ingredients. Such as Santoor Glowing Skin Body Wash. A pH-balanced body wash that is crafted with organically grown ingredients. Its excellent nourishing properties will leave you with a beautiful, healthy glow. 

    So there you go, using these tips you can start your day on the right foot. As you instil these small changes in your life, you will notice how being environmentally conscious starts to slowly become an instinctual habit in you.

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