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Who’s The Perfect Showering Partner: Shower Gel Vs Body Wash

The shower is where you showcase your hidden singing talents to an audience of shampoo bottles and come up with the perfect comeback to an argument from weeks ago. We think you’ll agree with us when we say that it’s the ultimate comfort zone!

Your comfort zone becomes even more enjoyable when you choose the right bathing products for yourself. 

But there are so many options to choose from: bar soaps, body washes, shower gels and whatnot! How can someone make a decision without feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to help you choose the bathing products that suit you best. And the first step to do so is to understand the difference between body wash and shower gel:

Shower Gel vs. Body Wash: How Do They Differ?

If your main query is ‘is shower gel the same as a body wash?’, then the answer is no.

Despite having different names, both products serve the same purpose in a similar manner: cleansing your body. The key difference between a shower gel and a body wash is the consistency of the two. 

A shower gel has a thicker, gel-like consistency, hence the name ‘shower gel’. Depending on the formula of the particular product, a shower gel can be used to cleanse both body and hair. This type of product achieves the task of cleansing your body of dirt and oil efficiently.

On the other hand, a body wash has a runnier and thinner consistency with a liquid soap-like texture. It is creamier and has hydrating and moisturising benefits as well. Body washes are better for sensitive and dry skin.

However, the term given to the product doesn't matter as much as the ingredients of the particular product.

What To Look For In Bathing Products?

1.Lock the moisture in

Looking for a body wash and a shower gel with ingredients such as Vitamin E, honey, cocoa and shea butter will help lock the moisture in your skin.

Santoor Blushing Skin Body Wash or Yardley London English Rose Shower Crème are the perfect choices to keep your skin fresh and radiant with the moisturising properties of Himalayan honey and shea butter.

2.pH balanced and sulphate-free for the win

If your skin’s pH levels are disrupted, its natural protective barrier can be compromised, exposing it to damage. Moreover, body washes and shower gels with sulphates can be too harsh on the skin, causing dehydration and degradation. 
So, it is vital to pick a product that helps maintain the pH levels.

3.Natural trumps synthetic

Products with synthetic fragrances are chemical-based and can cause allergic reactions and disrupt hormone levels as well. So, it is best to choose a product having natural fragrances.


How To Make The Most Of Your Shower Gel And Body Wash

Choosing the right product is vital, but understanding how to use it in the most effective way is equally important:

1.Use a small portion of the product

Using 2 tablespoons of product is advisable as it is enough to cleanse your body, but not enough to wick the natural moisturising body oils out of your skin. 

2.Shower or bathe with lukewarm water

Rinsing yourself with lukewarm water helps open your pores and allows the benefits of your shower gel to seep further into your skin.

3.Exfoliate with a loofah

Exfoliating aids the body wash in getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt that lie deep within your pores, allowing new cells to flourish and providing a radiant glow. 

Key Takeaway

Knowing the difference between body wash and shower gel can make all the difference when choosing a product for your skin. However, whichever product you choose, ensure to consider your skin type and the ingredients mentioned before making a purchase.

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