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Why Emollients Are Important In Your Body Wash

Importance Of Emollients In Skin Care Body Wash -

Ever stepped out of a shower and noticed dry and rough skin? Yes, that is possible as some shower gels strip the outer layer of the moisture from your skin. However, each skin type has its capacity to retain moisture. This essentially means that each skin type will react to a particular kind of shower gel differently. 

This is why emollients are essential in your body washes because, let's face it, nobody wishes to have uncomfortable dry skin. But, what exactly is an emollient? An emollient is a formulation found in moisturizing products. They are known to have moisturizing properties, but they are different from moisturizers. Emollients are used in a body wash to soften and make your skin more supple. Besides body washes, emollients are also found in moisturizing products like - creams, moisturizers, ointments and lotions. 

Keep reading to see why emollients hold an essential place in your body washes. 

1. To maintain your skin's barrier

Skin is the largest organ, and it thrives on moisture. A skin barrier is a security blanket that protects your skin from the outside world. The barrier is made up of lipids which are commonly known as fats. A good skin barrier will help you maintain adequate moisture, antioxidants and thereby keep your skin immune from the environment. When this barrier breaks down, your skin is open ground for all sorts of damage. Emollient as an ingredient is something that can help in maintaining your skin's barrier function. These occlusive agents act as a barrier in the meantime and allow your skin to restore moisture. 

2. To maintain hydration 

Emollients are known to treat eczema or rashes, but they are also very effective at maintaining your skin's hydration. Your skin is at its best when it is adequately hydrated. Lipids and fats are fundamental building blocks in maintaining the hydration of your skin. With varying levels of temperatures, your skin might someday feel congested and someday dry. If you have a dry skin type or, in general, your skin feels tight after every shower, then you should switch to a hydrating body wash. Santoor Hydrating Body Wash is apt for dry skin as it will hydrate and soothe your skin. In addition, the body wash will leave your skin supple and fresh with refreshing tones of coconut and moringa. 

3. To maintain skin health

Daily showering and excessive use of harsh products can dent the health of your skin. This is where the emollient comes into the picture. These fats in emollients will fill up the cracks in your skin and seal it with a thin layer of oil to restore your skin's moisture. Some emollients which have occlusive agents penetrate into your skin cells to support the health of your skin. Thus, it is important to use body wash with emollients in it. 

Did you find all your answers related to emollients? So, go for formulations of body wash that have emollients in them. Try our range of body wash that will improve the appearance of your skin from time to time. If you want to know more about our range, check out Hydrating Shower Gels for Every Skin Type

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