Sisal and Vetiver Hand Loofah Scrub

A Sisal and Vetiver Loofah is made of natural fibres known as Ramacham or Khus. It’s outer covering has Sisal fibres that belong to the Aloe Vera family. It has the natural properties for treating acne on skin and is free from toxic chemicals. You can enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating bathing experience by pairing it with a shower gel of your choice.

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Why Choose Sisal and Vetiver Loofah?

  • Nourishes the Skin
    The earthy vetiver grass is a part of the Aloe Vera family. The coarse design of this loofah nourishes your skin and treats back acne.
  • Maintains Microcirculation
    The coarse yet gentle fibres of the vetiver loofah help to extensively massage your skin, stimulating blood circulation.
  • Soak the sisal and vetiver loofah in a bowl of hot water or under a tap of hot water.
  • Squeeze a small amount of shower gel onto it.
  • Move it across your body in gentle, circular motions to build up a rich lather and exfoliate skin.
  • Rinse off the shower gel thoroughly.
  • Clean the loofah and hang it dry to increase longevity.

Who Can Use It?

The Sisal and Vetiver Loofah is suitable for all skin types as it is completely made of natural fibres. It helps remove excess dirt, oil and grime, leaving a cooling sensation on your skin.


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This sisal and vetiver loofah is recommended two to three times a week as it can be vigorous for some skin types.

A vetiver loofah should last for 2 months. If you notice more than normal wear and tear with this earthy loofah, immediately purchase a new one.