EveCare Classic Intimate Wash For Women 90ml

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Product Details

EveCare Classic Intimate Hygiene Wash is an advanced formula for cleansing. It is infused with ingredients derived from the nature like Milk Protein and Chamomile that soothe, cleanse and care for your intimate area. It maintains pH 3.5 closer to intimate area and natural level. It is formulated with hypoallergenic fragrance and is clinically tested by dermatologists. EveCare urges that prevention is better than cure so use it twice a day to keep your intimate area clean and fresh. Its ingredients derived from the nature maintain a healthy vaginal flora, making EveCare it perfect for daily usage. Proper care of intimate area can avoid infection, rashes or irritation. It is specially curated and dermatologically tested to take care of the feminine area gently. It comes in a Refreshing variant as well with 24 hours protection from odour causing bacteria.

CLEANSING AND DEODORIZING: An advanced formula to help clean, fragrant and prevent bad bacteria that causes itchiness, vaginal discharge, and odour. This hygiene feminine wash lifts away impurities gently and cleanses the vaginal area, leaving a fresh fragrance by fighting odour generating bacteria.

MAINTAINS AND BALANCES pH: It balances pH at 3.5 and maintains it closer to intimate area and natural level. It strengthens and protects the natural defence around your feminine area by maintaining beneficial pH for your skin.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE: Our intimate area can easily experience irritation, bad odour, dryness, and discharge. With EveCare Feminine Hygiene Wash, you can fight bad bacteria and balance natural condition of your delicate parts.

Hero Ingredients: 

Lactic Acid, Milk Protein, Chamomile, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic, Irritants Free

How to Use:
1. Wet your intimate area
2. Pour a few drops of EveCare on your palm
3. Rub gently on the external vaginal area to form lather
4. Rinse thoroughly and use twice a day

Key Benefits:
Gentle cleansing, made with natural ingredients, maintains 3.5 balance, dermatologically tested, Halal certified, paraben free, non-toxic, irritants free

What’s Inside

MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Infused with ingredients extracted from the nature like Milk Protein and Chamomile that soothe, cleanse and care for your intimate area.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, SAFE FOR DAILY USE: Let this special wash help you spend your days feeling clean, fresh, and confident.

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