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Here's How You Get A Rosy Skin By A Daily Rose Shower


There’s a certain elegance associated with roses that makes them so alluring. Their sweet fragrance and soft petals have inspired poets and novelists for centuries. No wonder that the world loves this absolute gem of a flower! And it should come as no surprise that they are great for your skin too.

Roses have been used traditionally in beauty products for centuries. Ancient Egyptians would use them to create beauty balms and protect their skin against the harsh desert heat. Cleopatra herself was known for her lavish rose water baths. Throughout Persia, Greek and Rome, roses were used exclusively by the rich and elite for their beauty benefits. Fortunately, rose-based products are not as hard to get by nowadays as they were back then. So here are five reasons why you should add rose-infused shower products to your everyday routine.

  1. Rich in antioxidants:

We know that antioxidants are great for the skin. They moisturize and brighten your skin, help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help reduce hyperpigmentation by regulating irregular melanin production. Roses happen to be a great source of antioxidants, and these antioxidants strengthen the skin cells and boost tissue regeneration, giving you smooth and healthy skin.

  1. Excellent moisturizing properties:

If you struggle with dry skin, then this one’s for you. Roses are great moisturizing agents, and they transform your skin from dry and flaky to hydrated and soft with ease. They work by forming a healthy barrier on the skin that keeps moisture packed in and prevents transepidermal water loss. The more water content your skin retains, the healthier and hydrated it is. 

  1. Anti-ageing properties:

Roses are packed with vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps reverse and slow down ageing on the skin. They smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and lighten age spots. They are also known to stimulate collagen production. Collagen makes the skin firm and tight and stops it from turning loose or saggy.

  1. Soothes the skin:

Roses happen to have superb anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for soothing irritated skin. It helps reduce redness and can even be used to soothe sunburns. It can treat mild acne, and since it is an all-natural, gentle ingredient, it is completely safe for sensitive skin.

  1. Natural Healing Properties:

Rosewater has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, which means it can help heal scars, giving you smooth and undisturbed skin. It also helps against certain skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. The extract from rose petals has been shown to relax the central nervous system, which shows its potential in anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties.

  1. Soothing Fragrance:

No one can deny that the scent of roses is one of the best fragrances in the world. The intoxicatingly sweet smell is commonly used in many beauty and skincare products. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like a rose? The sweet fragrance is known for its calming effect on the nerves, which is why it is used widely in aromatherapy to soothe headaches, reduce tension and enhance moods. 

If you’re looking to cash in on all these skin benefits and more, check out these 3 amazing rose-infused shower gels:


  • Santoor Blushing Skin Body Wash: 

  • Santoor Blushing Skin Body Wash is enriched with the goodness of Indian Wild Roses and Himalayan Honey. Let the long-lasting scent of wild roses and sweet Himalayan Honey envelope you, and watch as the many benefits of this body wash seep into your skin. It is paraben-free and suited to all skin types. Use it along with your favourite loofah to scrub your way to rosy skin! 

  • Yardley London English Rose Moisturising Shower Crème:

  • This rosy shower crème has the perfect blend of relaxing rose essence with nourishing shea butter, making it the perfect moisturizing body wash for all your needs. The natural floral rose scent is the perfect aromatherapy after a tiring day, add it to your bath regime for beautifully soft and glowing skin!

  • Enchanteur Romantic Perfumed Shower Gel

  • Enjoy a fragrance like no other with this hydrating and perfumed shower gel. The sweet fragrance of Bulgarian Roses will leave you feeling relaxed with every wash. Added silk proteins will keep your skin hydrated and silky smooth for hours. It’s every rose lovers dream shower gel!

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