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Benefits of Citrus Fruit For Skin You Didn't Knew About

From humble lemons to bright clementines, juicy grapefruit, to zesty oranges - citrus fruits are some of the most beneficial fruits you can eat and incorporate into your beauty routine. Apart from tasting deliciously exquisite, citrus fruits are super rich in nutrients and are valuable to your skin, offering unparalleled rewards to both your skin and body. 


Citrus fruits have also found their place in Ayurveda practices. They are used to help treat everything from mosquito bites to skin diseases such as chickenpox, smallpox, and measles, as well as to soothe the skin and prevent scarring. So, dive in to learn some fantastic citrus benefits and get healthy and vibrant skin:  

  • Reverses signs of ageing 


Looking for something to help retain young-looking skin? Your hunt ends right here, as citrus fruits are the real deal in preventing signs of ageing. They are rich in Vitamin C content, and their antioxidant properties can boost your immune system and help you maintain healthy skin. 


The ascorbic acid found in citrus fruits is essential because it helps regenerate collagen, maintaining your skin's elasticity. Unfortunately, the amount of collagen produced reduces as you age as your body loses the ability to produce it naturally. Therefore, natural skincare essentials with Vitamin- C are necessary to keep your skin radiant. Along with your face, your body needs a dose of healthy glow and repair too! 


So, indulge in the goodness of citrus during showers for younger-looking skin with revitalising shower gels such as  Santoor Refreshing Skin Body Wash. Enriched with the antioxidants of tangy Orange oil, it adds elasticity to your skin and delays the signs of premature ageing. Learn more on how to keep your skin looking young with our Skincare Guide To Prevent Ageing.


  • Exfoliates Skin

    Citric acid is naturally available in citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes. It’s what gives them their tart, sour taste. In skin care, it can penetrate deep into your pores to get rid of dirt and oils, leaving your skin looking soft, clean and bright. 


    From back acne to inflammation, citrus fruits have the power to heal them without causing the slightest of irritations. So, if you are looking for something that exfoliates your skin, citrus fruits are a perfect choice. It also evens your skin tone and gives you a smooth skin texture. Wondering what all the exfoliation hype is about? Check out 4 Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate To Get A Flawless Skin


  • Protects against germs 
  • Did you know that citrus fruits help you combat germs? Citrus fruits, especially lemons, contain antibacterial properties that ward off infection. This antibacterial quality of citrus fruits, attributed to its acidity, easily kills germs and other bacteria. 


    Showering with natural lemon extract body washes like  Hygienix Fresh Protect Body Wash stops dirt from accumulating under your pores, preventing infections. So whether you have dry, sensitive, or clammy skin, pampering yourself with lemon essence gives you a germ-free, soft and youthful glow. 

    •  Hydrates skin

    Hydration is a significant aspect of keeping skin dewy and youthful. Many studies suggest that Vitamin C in citrus fruits can help decrease your water loss. And this means that your skin’s ability to retain moisture increases which is great for people with dry skin types. 


    Want to add citrusy fun to your shower? Now with classic Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Shower Gel, filled with citric essence, soothe your skin with hydration and add zest to your skin. Not sure which shower gel suits your skin type? Read more on Hydrating Shower Gels for Every Skin Type and choose the best for your skin. 


    These are some of the benefits that make citrus fruits the favourite ingredient for refreshing and valuable skin care. Citrus fruits replenish your skin with their rich antioxidant, anti-microbial properties and natural Vitamin C content to give you a clear and lively look. Because of their fragrance, citrus fruits also hold a special place in aromatherapy. 


    Also, you can check out our array of bath essentials that include dashes of citrusy flavour for your perfect rejuvenated skin!

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