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5 Amazing Benefits Of Charcoal On Your Skin

Did you know what wonders this magic ingredient can do to your skin? Not your ordinary charcoal, but activated charcoal has proven to have many skin benefits. If you thought that the only use of charcoal was for your barbeque, think again! In fact, this natural beauty ingredient has been around for many years and is used as a part of facial cleansers. 

There are types of activated charcoal created from coconut shells, peat, coal, olive pits, bamboo. It is in the form of fine black dust that is produced when regular charcoal is activated by exposing it to very high temperatures. The charcoal that you get after it has undergone this process is very porous. Amongst other types of activated charcoal, Bamboo charcoal has proven to be extremely effective for the skin. 

Don’t believe us? Read on these 5 amazing benefits of charcoal for your skin that will shock you. 

  • Detoxifies your skin  
  • The pores in your skin are important to produce natural oil for your skin. However, excess oil on your skin can cause acne and blackheads. Activated charcoal is known for its detoxifying properties, which deeply cleanses your skin and takes away other impurities from your pores. The deep detoxifying action of activated charcoal & lemon peel extracts can bring toxins to the surface to clear them from your system. Yardley Men’s Bamboo Charcoal and Citrus body wash is the perfect shower partner that helps you get rid of any pores. 

  • Controls oiliness
  • Your skin naturally produces oil or sebum through the pores and hence, pores are essential for your body and you certainly cannot get rid of them. Activated charcoal has natural properties to control the oil on your skin and get rid of any impurities. Including a body wash that has activated charcoal will essentially help prevent your oily skin by keeping it squeaky clean. 

  • It helps in preventing acne 
  • Did you know that oily skin is prone to acne? Not just your face, but you can also experience body acne. Body acne is commonly spotted on your neck or the back. Taking a shower with a body wash that has activated charcoal as an active ingredient would help you in preventing body acne. You can opt for Aramusk Men Charcoal that is specially developed for men. This shower gel has a masculine fragrance and is designed to take care of men’s skincare needs. 

  • Minimizes your pores 
  • Activated charcoal, an ancient skin healer, helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime settled deep inside your pores. This leads to minimizing the overall appearance of the pores and smoother skin. 

  • Helps in improving your dull complexion
  • Did you know that the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal help in improving your dull skin? If you are tanned or exposed to pollution, you should get your hands on the Aramusk Charcoal body wash that is perfect for your dull skin. It not only improves your complexion but also takes away all the built-up dirt and oil from your pores. 

    Happy skin days are here! Get the perfect body wash as per your skin needs and loof-ahway for amazing results. 

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