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4 Popular Floral Perfumes for Ladies & Their Personalites

Forget the eyes; a lot can happen over the fragrance you choose. Have you ever thought about how your fragrance can define your personality? The kind of fragrance you choose can let out what kind of person you are. Isn’t it interesting? Smelling good is as essential as using a shower gel; it is one of the hygiene that you one must follow without any cheat sheet. It says a lot about your personality and attracts people as well. One of the most popular scents for women is floral scents. The reason why they are so popular is that they are diverse and classic at the same time. 

So, the next time you can smell the fragrance, you can make a guess of what the person is going to be like. Guys, if you are going out on a date, we are sure these scents would help you understand the girl a little better. 

1. Ambitious and Sparkling 

If you’re someone who likes feeling fresh and rejuvenated all the time, you probably have an ambitious personality. The fresh scent in a shower gel entail notes of vanilla, peppermint, orange and cinnamon. What better way than a refreshing body wash that has notes of fresh orange essential oil and neroli extract to start your day with? As showers are the most important part of our lives, so is body wash. You can get your hands on the Santoor Refreshing Skin shower gel that has orange peel extract and neroli essential oils that energizes your skin stimulates it from flaking and delays ageing. Start your day feeling refreshed and alive to take on your day.

2. Woody and Curious 

Not everyone is a fan of smelling like a flower, however, floral scents also have different notes like woody, fruity or natural. A woody and natural scent has variants like sandalwood, amber wood and foamed wood. This woody scent is refreshing, subtle and has a natural woody note that comes from natural essential oils of wood and moss. If you want to kick start your day smelling natural and woody, you can opt for Santoor Glowing Skin body wash. This body wash is enriched with the goodness of pure and natural sandalwood oil and turmerone. The sandalwood oil for this body wash is sourced from the southern parts of eastern ghats, which produces the best sandalwood in India. Not only that, Turmerone is known for its rejuvenating effect on skin - improvement of skin radiance and evenness of skin tone, among others. 

3. Romantic and Lively 

Are you a romantic person? Well, let’s make that out with the kind of fragrance you like. A romantic is scent has notes of rose, chamomile, lily, white musk. etc. If you’re a romantic person, you would like to have everything that screams love. And what’s better than roses to define a classic romance? Begin your day feeling lively on a rosy note with the Enchanteur Romantic Shower Gel. Infused with the fragrance of Bulgarian roses, white jasmines, violets and vanilla, this shower gel is just what you need for a daily beauty bath. 

4.Floral and Sensitive 

Do you like to immerse yourself in a subtle floral scent? Well, then you have a sensitive personality. A floral scent entails notes of fresh rose, Lilly, spring flower, orange blossom, blend of different flowers, vanilla orchid and musk. A sensitive personality has traits of innocence, happy emotions and has a knack for strong self-awareness. Begin your day with Hygenix in Floral, which helps you fight disease-causing bacteria while keeping your skin soft, nourished and moisturized. It has sakura and vitamin E extracts that make this body wash safe from harmful ingredients. To keep your sensitive and positive self going, try this body wash that leaves you blooming with sakura goodness after shower-time.  

These floral scents for women are perfect for taking on your day or end your day with. Get your hands on the best body wash as per your fragrance preference for smoother and hydrated skin. 

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